Is media playing its role in regional integration?

The 2015 conference has the theme – Journalism and the City. The two day event will explore the relationship of journalism and place, specifically the dialectical relationship between the media narratives and the city.

We would like to understand: - How does journalism construct the city? - How do the city’s geography, economic activity, politics and social life influence journalistic narratives? - Whose voices are heard in city journalism? - Whose voices are marginalised, de-legitimated or downgraded? - How are language and identity implicated in the narratives of the city? - Does city journalism set the agenda for the nation? - How does city media relate to power at local and national levels? - Do rural audiences matter in the imagination of city journalism? - Is hyper local media still an option? Where is the money in hyper locality? - What media and journalism exists at the margins of the city (slums, informal settlements)? - How is ICT innovation enabling city dwellers to tell their own stories and to challenge dominant narratives?

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