How good are Africa's elections? Afrobarometer video.


Video transcript:

Dozens of African countries regularly conduct national and local elections.

Each election picks a winner.

But beyond winners and losers, the quality of each election also shapes how people feel about their political system in general.

Free and fair elections make people want more democracy.

Elections tainted by repression, fraud, or violence have the opposite effect.

So how good are Africa’s elections?

Afrobarometer surveyed  more than 53,000 citizens in 36 countries, in every region of Africa.

The findings reveal a lot about how Africans see the quality of their elections.

Afrobarometer asked respondents:

• whether they think their most recent election was generally free and fair.
• whether they feel free to vote for the candidate of their choice.
• whether voters are given a genuine choice.
• whether the opposition is ever prevented from running,
• whether the media provides fair coverage of all candidates.

Afrobarometer also asked whether:

• Voters are threatened at the polls.
• Voters are bribed to vote a certain way.

They asked:

• whether citizens trust their national electoral commission.
• whether votes are counted fairly
• whether elections ensure that people’s views are represented,
• whether elections enable voters to remove leaders who don’t do what they want

So how good are YOUR elections?

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