Do you know what Africans think?

Do Africans even care about democracy? Do Africans want presidents for life? Do Africans only like their own ethnic group? Isn’t bribery just an accepted way of life in Africa? Do Africans believe in equal rights for women?

What do Africans really think?

Until the 1990s, nobody bothered to ask them. “Experts” and politicians could claim to speak for “the people,” without any evidence to back up those claims. When it came to making policies that affected their lives, ordinary African citizens were voiceless.

That has changed: Afrobarometer lets the people have a say.

Since 1999, Afrobarometer has interviewed more than 227,000 Africans in 37 countries about their attitudes and preferences with regard to democracy, governance, economic conditions, political rights, tolerance, and other issues. This pan-African, non-partisan, non-profit network of social scientists collects, analyzes, and disseminates the views of Africans, giving voice to ordinary citizens in policy-making processes.

This short film tells the story of Afrobarometer, the world’s premier source of reliable data on public perceptions and attitudes across Africa.