AD82: Post-1994 South Africa better than apartheid, but few gains in socioeconomic conditions Since South Africa’s transition from apartheid to democracy in 1994, the government’s development plans have focused on redressing racial inequalities in socioeconomic outcomes. Read more
AD135: World Water Day: Despite progress, some Ghanaians still lack access to clean water Despite progress, one-fourth of Ghanaians still experience water shortage. Read more
BP26: Corruption in Kenya, 2005: Is NARC fulfilling its campaign promise? Kenya’s NARC government rode to victory in the 2002 elections in part on the coalition’s promise to tackle the country’s deeply-rooted corruption problem. Prior to the transition, Kenya was perceived as a virtual international pariah due to extreme... Read more
AD59: Les Burkinabè soutiennent la démocratie mais demeurent insatisfaits de son fonctionnement actuel La plupart des citoyens désirent la démocratie et rejettent toute forme de gouvernance non-démocratique, mais l'insatisfaction quant à la mise en œuvre de la démocratie s’est accrue. Read more
WP109: The limited impacts of formal education on democratic citizenship in Africa Africa is the poorest and most underdeveloped continent in the world. Among many political and social consequences, poverty and the lack of infrastructure place significant limitations on the cognitive skills of ordinary Africans, and thus their ability... Read more
AD39: Political freedom and interest have yet to translate into Mandela's vision of participatory democracy in Africa Nelson Mandela International Day dispatch: Most Africans say they are interested but not active in civic affairs. Read more
PP5: What people want from government: Basic services performance ratings, 34 countries Across 34 African countries, people's ratings of government performance in providing basic services -- water, sanitation and electricity -- are poor and declining. Ratings for health and education are somewhat better, but also declining.... Read more
Namibia Round 4 summary of results (2008) Summary of results for the Round 4 survey in Namibia (2008). Read more
BP132: Zambia’s economic performance: A more positive verdict from Zambians This briefing paper discusses Zambian citizens’ perceptions of the country’s economic performance, as well as the government’s management of the economy. The discussion is set in the context of official and aggregate figures on the country’s economic... Read more
AD102: Perception du secteur minier au Sénégal: Potentiellement bénéfique mais peu transparent L’accès aux ressources minières et énergétiques offre un avantage comparatif important pour le développement socioéconomique. Plusieurs pays se sont installés durablement sur le sentier de la croissance économique en exploitant à bon escient les... Read more