Malawi Round 4 summary of results (2008) Summary of results for the Round 4 survey in Malawi (2008). Read more
PP18: A window on policy priorities: Evidence from the citizens of 34 African countries The post-2015 sustainable development discourse has emphasized the need for a more inclusive and participatory policy framework projecting the voices of the people in policy-making and implementation processes. Some commentators have argued that while... Read more
BP128: Basotho’s difficulties accessing household services from the Government Some essential government services, ranging from piped water to electricity, are the cornerstone of proper living. The ease with which people access services affects their quality of life. Election campaigns usually revolve around promises to give the... Read more
Sudan Round 6 summary of sesults (2015) Round 6 Summary of Results for Sudan (2015). Read more
WP1: Support for democracy in Africa: Intrinsic or instrumental? Based on comparative analysis of original survey data from Ghana, Zambia and South Africa, this paper assesses the attitudes of African citizens towards democracy. Is democracy valued intrinsically (as an end in itself) or instrumentally (e.g., as a... Read more
BP60: Batswana support press freedom and critical speech Botswana has been known for its tolerance of freedom of speech and independence of the media. Tswana traditional society was based on freedom of speech where individuals could state their views without fear. This freedom of speech, which was coincident... Read more
BP79: Les opinions de Burkinabè sur la chefferie traditionnelle L’objectif de ce bulletin est d’analyser les opinions des citoyens burkinabè sur les chefs coutumiers. Plus précisément, nous demandons si les citoyens burkinabè veulent que les pouvoirs de leurs chefs traditionnels soient augmenter et si les chefs... Read more
WP137: Perceptions versus reality: Assessing popular evaluations of election quality in Africa In this paper, I assess the determinants and validity of citizens’ perceptions of election quality. Read more
WP73: The micro-dynamics of welfare state retrenchment and the implications for citizenship in Africa In Africa, neoliberal reform has represented a major retrenchment in the public provision of health and education services. In terms of politics, this free or highly subsidized public provision of health and education had always been tightly linked to... Read more
AD158: Liberia’s race to the next presidency: Low trust in electoral commission, fear of violence raise flags Liberia’s race to the next presidency: Transparency, fairness critical as country nears pivotal election Read more