Sommaire des Resultats (French), Madagascar 2008 Sommaire des Resultats (French), Madagascar 2008 Read more
WP80: Political rights versus public goods: Uncovering the determinants of satisfaction In democracies there is a trade-off between efficiency in the provision of public goods and the extent of political representation. Our paper shows how this trade-off plays out in translating intrinsic versus instrumental understandings of democracy into... Read more
Morocco Round 5 summary of results (2013) Summary of results for the Round 5 survey in Morocco. Read more
AD119: Will of the people? Election results and public opinion in Gabon According to Gabon’s national electoral commission and a subsequent Constitutional Court ruling, incumbent President Ali Bongo won re-election in August against challenger Jean Ping. Read more
BP98: The uses of the Afrobarometer in policy planning, program design and evaluation This discussion explores some specific ways in which Afrobarometer data can contribute to policy-making and implementation processes. Although it cannot and should not be the only factor that determines policy outcomes, even in a democracy, information... Read more
WP38: Understanding identity in Africa: A first cut A great deal of attention has focused on the effects of diverste social identities and their potentially negative consequences for achieving an overarching national identity, with implications for the stability of politial regimes and for democratic... Read more
AD80: Au Sénégal, la pauvreté vécue est en recul Bien que la pauvreté monétaire n’épargne aucune catégorie sociale, la proportion de Sénégalais qui ne parviennent pas à satisfaire leurs besoins de base est en baisse depuis 2008, selon l’enquête organisée par Afrobaromètre au Sénégal en novembre-... Read more
BP20: Parliament of the fourth republic of Ghana - Views From the grassroots The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana that came into effect in January 1993 provides the basic charter for the country's fourth attempt at republican democratic government since independence in 1957. It declares Ghana to be a unitary... Read more
AD57: Call the police? Across Africa, citizens point to police and government performance issues on crime Public perceptions include difficulty in getting police assistance, poor government performance in reducing crime. Read more
WP107: Cross-cutting cleavages and ethnic voting: An experimental study of cousinage in Mali Social scientists often attribute moderation of the political salience of ethnicity, in ethnically diverse societies, to the presence of cross-cutting cleavages-that is, to dimensions of identity or interest along which members of the same ethnic group... Read more