Lesotho Round 6 Summary of Results (2015) Summary of Results [22 January 2015] Read more
WP77: Support for competitive politics and government performance: Public perceptions of democracy In Senegal The 2000 presidential election in which Abdoulaye Wade defeated Abdou Diouf demonstrated that multiparty politics has created meaningful competition between incumbents and opposition political parties in Senegal. Moreover, this alternation suggests that... Read more
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AD120: Despite criticism of economic performance, Swazis optimistic about future gains In its Vision 2022 agenda, the Kingdom of Swaziland lays out its goal of being “in the top 10% of the human development group of countries founded on sustainable development, social justice and political stability” (Ministry of Economic Planning and... Read more
AD78: Les Gabonais désapprouvent la gouvernance économique du pays La majorité des Gabonais désapprouvent la gouvernance économique de leur pays et sont pessimistes par rapport à l’amélioration des conditions économiques, selon la récente enquête d’Afrobaromètre au Gabon. Read more
BP16: Is There a political gender gap in Uganda? Do men and women in Uganda think differntly about the political transition underway in their country? Read more
AD55: Zimbabweans support taxation but perceive tax officials as corrupt, demand accountability A good citizen pays taxes, Zimbabweans say. But most also complain of corrupt tax officials and want the president to explain to Parliament how tax revenue is spent. Read more
Public Opinion, Democracy, and Market Reform in Africa Read more
WP104: Do free elections foster capable governments? The democracy-governance connection in Africa Does democratization lead to improved governance? This exploratory paper addresses this question with reference to a cross-section of sub-Saharan African countries using macro, micro and trend data. The results show an elective affinity between free... Read more