BP145: Botswana’s economic performance rating slips: Working-aged people express dissatisfaction with living conditions Academic and policy researchers in Botswana have been unanimous in their analysis of Botswana’s economic shape. Dubbed an “economic miracle” by some (Samatar, 1999) and a “shining example” by others, Botswana continues to enjoy praise for its economic... Read more
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WP62: Delivery of responsiveness? A popular scorecard of local government performance in South Africa Just under half of South Africa's adult citizens think that the country's new system of local government is working well. Moreover, the level of popular approval varies sharply across provinces and may be declining over time. With reference to... Read more
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WP14: Public attitudes toward democracy, governance, and economic development in Botswana Botswana is the longest surviving democracy in Southern Africa, which others often seek to emulate. In order to observe popular satisfaction with democratization, an Afrobarometer survey was conducted in Botswana in 2000. Read more
WP148: Why do some Africans pay bribes while other Africans don't? Generalizations about African societies being pervasively corrupt are refuted in this innovative paper. Among 25,397 Afrobarometer respondents in 18 countries, 26% report paying a bribe, while 74% do not. Read more
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WP84: Quality of elections, satisfaction with democracy, and political trust in Africa Elections are a means for realising some of the core values of democracy, especially participation of the citizenry, which helps to ensure quality governance and accountability on the part of elected officials. Read more
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