AD69: Building on progress: Infrastructure development still a major challenge in Africa Political leaders and ordinary citizens emphasize the importance of infrastructure development in Africa and call for greater investment in infrastructure. Read more
WP20: Down to earth: Changes in attitudes toward democracy and markets in Nigeria The second in a series of public opinion surveys in Nigeria on popular attitudes toward democracy and markets was conducted in August 2001. The findings indicate that in the 18 months since the first survey was conducted shortly after the 1999 transition... Read more
BP2: Violent social conflict and conflict resolution in Nigeria What do Africans think about violent social conflict, including its causes and preferred solutions? How do conflicts affect popular support for democracy? Read more
Sommaire des résultats du round 3 enquête au Madagascar (2005) Sommaire des résultats du round 3 enquête au Madagascar (2005) Read more
WP90: Social capital and political violence in sub-Saharan Africa This article uses data from the Afrobarometer—an individual-level survey that has been conducted in 18 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa—to explore the nature of social capital and its relationship to political violence. Building on and extending this... Read more
PP20: Effect of police integrity, government performance in fighting crime, and accessibility of police stations on reporting of crime in Tanzania Policy Paper No. 20 is being revised. The revised paper will be available soon. Read more
BP108: Party identification in South Africa: Profiles for the ANC and the DA Who are the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA)? Together with party membership figures and election results, there is one additional reliable measure—party identification. Read more
AD88: South Africa’s opposition narrows trust gap but still faces mixed perceptions of vision and role Public trust in opposition parties has tripled since 2002 despite a dip in 2015, while trust in the ANC has dropped sharply over the past four years. Read more
WP48: The durability of political goods? Evidence from Nigeria's new democracy Conventional wisdom suggests that, for new democracies to survive, citizens must receive the benefits of socioeconomic development. Yet an emerging literature shows that, following democratic transitions, the delivery of polittical goods such as order,... Read more
BP35: Term limits, the presidency, and the electoral system: What do Nigerians want? The controversy over presidential term limits is at the center of public discussion in Nigeria. The most recent national opinion survey by the Afrobarometer finds strong support among the Nigerian public for term limits, free elections, competitive... Read more