BP134: Interrogating citizens’ economic well-being, government economic performance and social service delivery in Sierra Leone This briefing paper assesses citizens’ perceptions of their economic well-being, government’s economic performance and public and social services delivery using the first Afrobarometer survey data collected in Sierra Leonean in 2012. Read more
Egypt Round 6 summary of results (2015) Egypt Round 6 summary of results. Read more
BP66: Popular views on crime in Tanzania One of the foremost responsibilities of any government is to provide a secure environment in which the general public can survive and thrive. But not all governments have met this obligation with the same degree of commitment or effectiveness. Read more
AD65: South Africans increasingly dissatisfied with their elected leaders’ performance Citizens' approval of the performance of the president, MPs, and local government councillors has declined significantly since 2011. Read more
WP8: Views of democracy in South Africa and the region: Trends and comparisons By most standards, South Africa’s new political system qualifies as a genuine democracy. But a constitution, relatively well run elections, and stable, elected, representative institutions do not complete the democratic picture. A key question remains:... Read more
WP143: To pay or not to pay? Citizens’ attitudes towards taxation in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa This paper examines factors that determine citizens’ tax-compliance attitude in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa. Using the 2011/12 Afrobarometer survey data, we find that tax-compliance attitude is positively correlated with the provision of... Read more
WP79: Political transition, corruption, and income inequality in third wave democracies The paper examines the effect of democratization on income inequality in third-wave democracies. Using data from the World Income Inequality Database, this paper will show that income inequality has risen sharply in almost every third-wave democracy.... Read more
Cape Verde summary of democracy indicators (2002-2008) This document provides a summary of popular attitudes regarding the demand for and supply of democracy in Cape Verde as revealed over the course of three Afrobarometer surveys conducted between 2002 and 2008 (June 2002, N=1268; Mar.-April 2005, N=1256;... Read more
AD122: China’s growing presence in Africa wins largely positive popular reviews In the eyes of Africans, China rivals the United States in influence and popularity as a development model, according to a new Afrobarometer report released on World Development Information Day. Read more