BP35: Term limits, the presidency, and the electoral system: What do Nigerians want? The controversy over presidential term limits is at the center of public discussion in Nigeria. The most recent national opinion survey by the Afrobarometer finds strong support among the Nigerian public for term limits, free elections, competitive... Read more
BP22: Gouvernance et corruption à Madagascar : perceptions et réalité Au cours des dernières années, les questions de corruption, et plus généralement de gouvernance, ont été placées au cœur des politiques publiques, au motif que la réussite des réformes en cours ne dépendaient pas seulement du contenu des politiques... Read more
WP117: African perspectives on China-Africa: Gauging popular perceptions and their economic and political determinants China ’s recent political and economic inroads into Africa have generated much excitement in the current literature, with scholars and policymakers endeavoring to assess the merits and risks implicit in this renewed engagement. Absent from the literature... Read more
BP159: Good governance and democracy in East Africa: What do citizens think? Do the democratic experiences of four countries lead to shared or divergent expectations? Read more
WP52: Seeking the democratic dividend: Public attitudes and attempted reform in Nigeria In this paper, we particularly investigate how basic preferences, or values, about the political and economic systems in Nigeria relate to one another. Another crucial question is how citizens’ preferences for a democratic regime (or a particular type of... Read more
AD142: Building a legal system that citizens trust and use remains a challenge for post-conflict Côte d'Ivoire Access to justice in Côte d'Ivoire: Building a legal system that citizens trust and use remains a challenge. Read more
WP15: Public opinion and the consolidation of democracy in Namibia Although there are no clearly definable social groupings that can be labelled "anti-democratic"or "non-democratic," two important factors account for much of the variation in opinions and attitudes: the urban-rural divide, and... Read more
Mozambique Round 4 summary of results (2008) A summary of the Round 4 survey in Mozambique (2008). Read more
Guinea Round 6 summary of results (2015) Guinea Round 6 summary of results. Read more
BP67: Neither consolidating nor fully democratic: The evolution of African political regimes, 1999-2008 Almost 20 years have passed since the Berlin Wall came down, an event that was followed in sub-Saharan Africa by pressures for political liberalization and by transitions to multiparty rule. The time is ripe, therefore, to assess the current state of... Read more