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This document provides a summary of popular attitudes regarding the demand for and supply of democracy in Benin as revealed over the course of two Afrobarometer surveys conducted between 2005 and 2008 (April-May 2005, N=1198; June-July 2008, N=1200). Read more
In this paper we investigate voting behavior in Africa to ask what base of support presidents can count on. The most prevalent notion about electoral politics in Africa is that voters simply vote for co-ethnics. We find that assumption to be faulty. Read more
BP73: Popular opinions of democracy in Liberia, 2008
After four years of democratic rule, what do Liberians think about the state of democracy in their country, the performance of democratic institutions, and the prospects for democracy? The country’s first Afrobarometer survey, conducted in December 2008... Read more
BP72: Land disputes in Liberia: Disputes from below, 2008
An Afrobarometer survey was conducted for the first time in Liberia in 2008. The findings enable us to assess popular opinions on land disputes and the likely consequences for peace and stability in Liberia. Read more
BP71: Popular appraisals of socio-economic conditions in Liberia, 2008
This paper seeks to present a snapshot of what ordinary Liberians think about the country’s current economic conditions, their appraisals of the government’s efforts to manage the economy, and their perceptions of how the country’s economic situation is... Read more
Vote-buying has and continues to be pervasive in many electoral regimes. Yet the relationship between vote-buying and citizen behavior, particularly in the context of the secret ballot, remains largely unknown. In this paper I study vote-buying’s effect... Read more
This paper takes advantage of Round 4 of the Afrobarometer surveys to explore the relationship between religion and democracy in Africa . It focuses on three central concerns. Read more
While sub-Saharan African states are not generally considered to be true nation-states, there is still considerable variation across countries in the level of nationalism expressed by their citizens. This paper explores the relative importance of... Read more
This document provides a summary of popular attitudes regarding the demand for and supply of democracy in Tanzania as revealed over the course of four Afrobarometer surveys conducted between 2001 and 2008 (Feb.-Aug. 2001, N=2198; July-Aug. 2003, N=1223;... Read more
This document provides a summary of popular attitudes regarding the demand for and supply of democracy in Mozambique as revealed over the course of three Afrobarometer surveys conducted between 2002 and 2008 (Aug. 2002, N=1400; June 2005, N=1198; Dec.... Read more