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AD366: Ghanaians see pros, cons of social media, want access but not fake news
Like many other countries, Ghana has been grappling with its share of fake news about COVID-19. Read more
AD365: Zimbabwean vulnerabilities on health care, water
Like much of the rest of the world, Zimbabwe has confronted the COVID-19 pandemic with stay-at-home orders and advice to practice social distancing and frequent handwashing, hoping to prevent a wave of infections that would overwhelm the national health... Read more
South Africans support social grants to those in need, but say work at any wage beats unemployment. Read more
Violent extremism in the East Africa Corridor: Popular assessments highlight need for counter-terrorism that doesn’t undermine democratic governance. Read more
Malawians’ voting intentions point to a closely contested presidential election. Read more
All in this together’: Africans tolerant on ethnic, religious, national, but not sexual differences. Read more
Poursuite des cours à distance pendant la pandémie: Atouts et contraintes au Togo. Read more
Every few years, since 2008, South Africa is rocked by xenophobic violence. Houses are burnt, shops are looted, and people are killed, injured, or forced out of their homes and communities. This violence usually erupts under the pretext that foreigners... Read more
PP64: Démocratie en Côte d’Ivoire: Mythe ou réalité?
La démocratie est un mode de gouvernance par lequel le peuple décide de dessiner son avenir. Elle incarne ainsi l’expression de la reconnaissance de l’État de droit et des droits de l’homme. Read more