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Summary of results for the Round 5 survey in Mauritius (2012). Read more
Summary of results for the Round 5 survey in Burundi (2012). Read more
BP101: Public perceptions of Uganda's economy: In crisis?
After many years of crisis in the 1970s and 1980s, reforms to the Ugandan economy ensured that it gained a reputation for slow but steady growth, macroeconomic stability, and sound economic fundamentals. Since 2000 Uganda’s per capita GDP growth has... Read more
The effects of pre-colonial history on contemporary African development have become an important field of study within development economics in recent years. In particular Gennaioli and Rainer (2007) suggest that pre-colonial political centralization has... Read more
This paper addresses the conditions under which donor and non-state actor service provision is likely to undermine or strengthen citizens’ legitimating beliefs. On the one hand, citizens may be less likely to support their government with quasi-voluntary... Read more
WP139: Exploiting the poor: Bureaucratic corruption and poverty in Africa
Corruption is a major source of slow development in Africa – the poorest region of the world. While extant research has focused on the causes and consequences of corruption at the macro-level, less effort has been devoted to understanding the micro-... Read more
WP138: From vice to virtue? Civil war and social capital in Uganda
We show that armed conflict affects social capital as measured by trust and associational membership. Using the case of Uganda and two rounds of nationally representative individual-level data bracketing a large number of battle events, we find that self... Read more
A summary of results for the Round 4.5.2 pre-election survey in Uganda (2011). Read more
A summary of the Round 5 survey results in South Africa (2011). Read more
A summary of the Round 5 survey results in Kenya (2011). Read more