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Since 2000, elections in Ghana have been lauded by observers both internally and externally as being “free and fair.” The losing political party, however, has consistently contested the election results. Read more
Dans la littérature économique, beaucoup de spécialistes s’accordent sur l’impact positif de l’investissement en capital humain sur la croissance économique. Dans le cadre du plan mondial pour atteindre l’éducation pour tous et à travers les Objectifs du... Read more
Sur le plan juridique, la Constitution burkinabè consacre en son article 1er l’égalité entre tous les citoyens burkinabè et prohibe les discriminations fondées, entre autres, sur le sexe. Dans la pratique, les femmes et les jeunes filles burkinabè sont... Read more
Women are mostly marginalised in African political processes, but they have one key area of equality with their menfolk, and that is in voting: The ballot does not discriminate, even if the results of the balloting frequently do not meet the expectations... Read more
Despite major efforts over the past two decades to create equal opportunities for women to participate in politics and to increase female representation in government leadership in sub-Saharan Africa, women's inclusion continues to be a major... Read more
The current East African Community (EAC) was formally launched in 2001 comprising of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. In 2007, the community expanded to include Rwanda and Burundi. Within this regional framework, the grouping has achieved two primary stages... Read more
Summary of results for the Round 6 survey in Malawi (2014). Read more
PP13: Malians want a united country, post-conflict justice
According to an Afrobarometer survey conducted in December 2013 with over 2400 respondents, the vast majority of Malians stress that their country must remain a single, unified nation. Citizens decisively reject the 2012 attempt by armed groups to create... Read more
Democracy, in the famous words of the British politician Winston Churchill, “is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” After experiencing a twin crisis of separatist rebellion and a... Read more
Africans express growing attachment to democracy according to citizen attitude surveys conducted by the Afrobarometer in 34 countries1. Seven out of ten Africans prefer democracy to other political regimes, and the proportion of deeply committed... Read more