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Unequal but not federal: Malawians see unfair distribution of resources but say federalism is not the answer. Read more
Transparency, accountability, and democracy matter in Africans’ assessments of education quality. Read more
AD355: Trusted and influential: Religious and traditional leaders can be assets in COVID-19 fight
Trusted and influential: Religious and traditional leaders can be assets in Ghana’s COVID-19 fight. Read more
Malawians support 2019 post-election demonstrations but split on government power to limit protests. Read more
Dans le contexte de la pandémie du coronavirus, beaucoup d’emplois sont menacés et les individus sans sources de revenus sont de plus en plus vulnérables. Avec les mesures de distanciation sociale partiellement ou entièrement en application dans beaucoup... Read more
A majority (53%) of Africans say they went without needed health care during the past year, including about one in five (18%) who did so “many times” or “always.” Read more
AD351: Ghanaians’ acceptance of security-related restrictions faces test with COVID-19 lockdown
Effective Monday, 30 March, parts of Greater Accra and Ashanti regions – the areas of Ghana most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic – were placed on lockdown, in accordance with President Nana Akufo-Addo’s announcement in his fourth address to the nation... Read more
AD350: Batswana see civil liberties as largely intact, split on possible trade-offs for security
As Davis and Silver (2004) pointed out in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States, civil liberties ordinarily taken for granted in a democracy may be called into question when extraordinary events place them in conflict with... Read more
No-Water Day? African governments are failing in provision of water and sanitation, majority of citizens say. Read more
Lived poverty on the rise: Reversing a decade-long trend of improving living standards, more Africans are going without basic necessities. Read more