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Welcome to the Afrobarometer publications section. For short, topical analyses, try our briefing papers (for survey rounds 1-5) and dispatches (starting with Round 6). For longer, more technical analyses of policy issues, check our policy papers. Our working papers are full-length analytical pieces developed for publication in academic journals or books. You can also search the entire publications database by keyword(s), language, country, and/or author.

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Do the democratic experiences of four countries lead to shared or divergent expectations? Read more
Cameroon's institutions get mixed reviews from their constituents. Read more
Si la Chine n’est pas un acteur nouveau en Afrique, sa présence s’est beaucoup renforcée au cours de la dernière décennie. Read more
Les questions religieuses connaissent un regain d’intérêt dans les espaces publics de nos pays. Au Niger, elles sont devenues préoccupantes en raison des évènements récents qui ont marqué notre sous-région (occupation du Nord Mali par de groupes... Read more
Poverty continues to be a major challenge in Swaziland, exacerbated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Almost two-thirds (63%) of the Swazi population were living in severe poverty in 2012 (Ministry of Economic Planning and Development, 2012). Read more
Ce papier analyse de manière comparative les perceptions des citoyens burundais, kenyans, tanzaniens, et ougandais sur l’économie de leurs pays et leurs conditions de vie. Read more
BP153: Going in the wrong direction? Ugandans report declining government effectiveness
In the Round 5 Afrobarometer survey in Uganda, 74% of Ugandans said the country was headed in the wrong direction. This was a dramatic change from just one year earlier, when 28% said Uganda was headed in the wrong direction. Analysis of these findings... Read more
Africa’s transition to multiparty democracy has often been accompanied by a re-institutionalization of autocratic regimes and authoritarianism. This tension between the forces of progress and regression has become an enduring feature of Africa’s... Read more