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Welcome to the Afrobarometer publications section. For short, topical analyses, try our briefing papers (for survey rounds 1-5) and dispatches (starting with Round 6). For longer, more technical analyses of policy issues, check our policy papers. Our working papers are full-length analytical pieces developed for publication in academic journals or books. You can also search the entire publications database by keyword(s), language, country, and/or author.

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Botswana at corruption crossroads? Rising perceptions of graft weaken citizen trust, threaten country’s democratic standing. Read more
PP67: COVID-19 in Africa - Vulnerabilities and assets for an effective response
Read more
According to UNESCO (2020), approximately 1.2 billion students and youth worldwide are affected by school and university closures because of the COVID-19 pandemic. To adjust to these new circumstances, governments must develop innovative solutions to... Read more
Violent extremism in the East Africa Corridor: Popular assessments highlight need for counter-terrorism that doesn’t undermine democratic governance. Read more
PP64: Démocratie en Côte d’Ivoire: Mythe ou réalité?
La démocratie est un mode de gouvernance par lequel le peuple décide de dessiner son avenir. Elle incarne ainsi l’expression de la reconnaissance de l’État de droit et des droits de l’homme. Read more
Transparency, accountability, and democracy matter in Africans’ assessments of education quality. Read more
Lived poverty on the rise: Reversing a decade-long trend of improving living standards, more Africans are going without basic necessities. Read more
PP61: Gains and gaps: Perceptions and experiences of gender in Africa
Africans share at least some of the SDG ambitions to create more equal societies. Across 34 countries, substantial majorities support women’s right to run for political office (71%) and to own and inherit land (72%). Read more