Governments falter in fight to curb corruption


A majority of people in 34 African countries condemn their governments' anti-corruption efforts, according to Afrobarometer surveys of more than 51,000 people between October 2011 and June 2013.

The finding is just one conclusion of the Afrobarometer report, "Governments Falter in Fight to Curb Corruption: The people give most a failing grade", released Wednesday, Nov. 13 in Dakar.

Fifty-six percent of survey participants said their governments have done a "fairly” or “very bad" job of fighting corruption, while just 35% say their governments have done this "fairly” or “very well". For the 16 countries surveyed since 2002, negative ratings have increased from 46% to 54% with only five countries showing a decline in these negative ratings over the last decade.

The negative ratings surface despite the fact that eradicating corruption and improving governance in Africa have been priorities for most major international organizations and many political leaders since the mid-1990s.

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