African women face persistent gender gaps in education, jobs, and digital access, Afrobarometer survey finds

Despite widespread popular support for gender equality, African women are still disadvantaged by persistent gender gaps in education, employment, control over key assets, and access to technology, a new analysis from Afrobarometer shows.

Findings from national surveys in 34 African countries are detailed in Afrobarometer’s new Pan-Africa Profile based on a special gender-equality survey module. The analysis, released today, reports that although there are substantial cross-country differences, African societies are generally supportive of women’s equality in principle, report considerable success in achieving equality in practice, and tend to applaud government performance in promoting rights and opportunities for women.

But women still trail men on almost all indicators, in almost all countries, when it comes to educational attainment, labour-force participation and employment, and control over household assets and resources. In the digital world – a source of critical economic, social, and political opportunities – African women may even be falling further behind.