Past events

Views of South African citizens on land redistribution The inaugural release of Afrobarometer 2018 survey data on land reform, land redistribution and land ownership, which tracks the attitudes and perceptions of citizens in 37 African countries. Read more
Living conditions, local governance and electricity in Guinea Round 7 dissemination event in Guinea. Read more
Media Indaba Africa Media Party Africa 2016 (now called Media Indaba Africa) brings together over 300 hacktivists and data journalists from 36 cities around the world for three days of knowledge sharing and project creation. Read more
The 4th republic: Women's perspective through the eyes of the Afrobarometer survey By Dr. John Osae-Kwapong (University of Findlay). Read more
Batswana skeptical of electronic voting but favour other electoral reforms Botswana will hold its first dissemination event using the latest Round 7 data. Read more
Data for Development in Africa High Level Meeting on Data for Development in Africa Read more
Gender inclusion in development: findings from the Kenya Afrobarometer Survey Development Research Seminar (DRS) Series: Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 Read more
Celebrating International Women’s Day: Reflections on Citizens’ Perspectives on Gender and Gender Issues in Kenya. Citizens’ Perspectives on Gender and Gender Issues in Kenya. Read more
Image by Josiah Brown via Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0