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PP60: Change ahead: Experience and awareness of climate change in Africa
Biggest survey ever on climate change in Africa finds worsening quality of life, deteriorating conditions for agricultural production, limited “climate change literacy” among average citizens. Read more
One in four people in Africa have to pay bribes to access services, Corruption Barometer shows. Read more
Africans want high-quality elections – especially if they bring change at the top. Read more
PP56: How free is too free? Across Africa, media freedom is on the defensive
In Africa, as elsewhere, mass media face increasing opportunities and threats. Read more
Africa’s closing political space marked by less freedom and a willingness to trade liberties for security. Read more
AD290: Better but not good enough? How Africans see the delivery of public services
Africans see progress – though uneven – in government delivery of basic services. Read more
AD288: In search of opportunity: Young and educated Africans most likely to consider moving abroad
By 2050, it is projected that one in every four humans will be African as the continent doubles its population, accounting for more than half of global population growth. Read more
Support for democracy stays strong in Africa, but “dissatisfied democrats” who will safeguard its future are few. Read more
PP51: Taking stock: Citizen priorities and assessments three years into the SDGs
Unemployment tops the most important problems that Africans want their governments to address, followed by health, infrastructure/roads, water/sanitation, education, management of the economy, and poverty. Read more
Infographic: Access to justice in Africa
Access to justice for all citizens has long been recognized as a cornerstone of democracy, good governance, and effective and equitable development. Read more