Institute for Justice and Reconciliation & Plus 94

As the national partners for South Africa, Plus 94 and IJR conduct the Afrobarometer survey and results dissemination, respectively, in South Africa.

Institute for Justice and Reconciliation

The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) was launched in the year 2000, in the wake of South Africa´s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The aim was to ensure that lessons learnt from South Africa´s transition from apartheid to democracy were taken into account as the nation moved ahead.

Today, the Institute helps to build fair, inclusive, and democratic societies in Africa through carefully selected engagements and interventions. It contributes to post-conflict stability, good governance, and human security through programs that promote political reconciliation and social and economic justice across Africa. With its base and origin in South Africa, it continues to learn from the South African experience of transition and explores projects and partnerships that will deepen the efforts to build fair, inclusive, and democratic societies in this country, but also the rest of the continent. IJR’s work is increasingly relevant to other global post-conflict societies, and its 2017–2020 strategy builds on the organization’s experience and strengths to engage in a multifaceted way forward on issues of justice and reconciliation.

IJR has since its inception developed expertise in four key methodologies that, if used in an integrated way, become central in driving successful change:

  • Producing cutting-edge research and innovative analysis generating new knowledge, insights, and resources
  • Hosting critical conversations and dialogues as drivers of transformation
  • Establishing networks for justice and reconciliation through training and capacity building
  • Communicating key messages to advocate for change

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Plus 94

Plus 94 is one of South Africa’s leading market research companies, recognized for its progressive thinking and leadership. Its core values are that it is dynamic, authentic, and intellectual. It was established in 1998 by CEO Sifiso Falala and his partner, Tirhani Mabunda. A key pillar to its foundation was the vision to challenge existing benchmarks and set new knowledge frontiers for the research industry.
The company’s incremental growth in both its capabilities and resources is a result of its commitment to world-class practices in the delivery of quality market research solutions to clients. Our commercial performance, social relevance, and progressive thinking have earned us a reputable position in the South African business sector.

Plus 94’s mission is simply to establish a research business that can meet or exceed client expectations through leadership and innovation. It seeks to go further, faster, and thus set a new benchmark in market research data reliability and versatility.