Hatchile Consult Ltd

About us

Hatchile Consult Ltd is a Ugandan research company, providing actionable solutions through applied development research. Our aim is to build knowledge and share information that facilitates insightful planning and decision-making to improve business and institutional performance.

Established in 2001, Hatchile Consult's core service portfolio includes a range of cost-effective applied social research products in Africa.  With extensive experience of working with strategic research partners and associates in 30 African countries, we strive to be the model African centre for actionable, innovative research.


Hatchile and Afrobarometer

Since 2005, we’ve been a part of the Afrobarometer quality assurance team providing credible data on democracy, governance and social service delivery in Africa. Together with other Afrobarometer network partners, we’ve supported efforts to feed these results into the policy making arena. In 2014, Hatchile Consult won the bid to be Afrobarometer’s national partner in Uganda.