Getting started

Our online data analysis (ODA) tool is a free and easy way for you to analyze data from all of Afrobarometer’s survey rounds, going back to 1999. (Data from new survey rounds are incorporated as quickly as feasible.)

Here are some simple instructions to help you get started.

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Select which survey round/year you would like to examine.

2. Select a survey topic and then a specific survey question. Alternatively, search for a word or phrase using the “search” function

3. Select your country or countries of interest. You can also choose the “Select all” option if you’d like to use data from all countries.

Once you click on “Apply,” you will see the results in a table and a chart.

You can change the type of chart (column, line, pie, bar chart, etc.) by selecting from among the buttons above the chart.  

Keep exploring

Use buttons above the results table to:

  • See results for the same question from different rounds
  • Go to the next question
  • Filter results by a second variable, such as country, gender, urban-rural residence, age, education status, or employment status
  • Select different countries to look at
  • Create a time series
  • Display your results in a map

Export and share your results

Use buttons at the upper right to:

  • Download your results to Excel, a pdf, or a screen shot
  • Share them via Facebook, Twitter, or other social media


Enjoy exploring our online data tool, our data, and public opinion in Africa!