Namibia summary of results (2019) Namibia summary of results (2019). Read more
Although most Namibians support multiparty competition, fewer feel close to any political party, survey shows More than two-thirds of Namibians say the country needs many political parties to ensure that citizens have real choices in who governs them, according to the latest Afrobarometer survey, but the proportion of citizens who identify with a political party... Read more
AD342: Free vs. false: Namibia’s changing media landscape presents tough choices for citizens Eight out of 10 Namibians see their news media as generally free. But a majority (56%) think the government should be able to prevent publications it disapproves of. Read more
AD330: Party identification and trust are declining, but Namibians have not lost faith in voting For the sixth time since independence, Namibians are going to the polls to choose a president and members of the National Assembly – in free and fair elections whose outcome has never varied. Read more
Namibians divided on land reform, including expropriation, Afrobarometer survey shows Only about half of Namibians rate the government’s land resettlement programme as effective, and more than four in 10 say land should be expropriated without compensation and given to the landless, a new Afrobarometer survey indicates. Read more
WP183: Traditional authority and state legitimacy: Evidence from Namibia Do African traditional leaders weaken state legitimacy at the local level? Read more
AD289: Namibians look to social movement to prompt government action on land reform Access to land is a contentious issue in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, a legacy of colonialism and accompanying dispossession. Read more
Namibia continues to lessen lived poverty Namibiai has experienced a dramatic decline in inequality and poverty over the past decades, according to official statistics from the National Statistics Agency and the National Planning Commission. The Gini coefficient (the measure of income... Read more
Perceptions on gender equality, gender-based violence, lived poverty and basic freedoms in Namibia Findings from the Round 6 survey in Namibia (2014). Read more
Namibians’ public policy preferences Findings from the Round 6 survey in Namibia (2014). Read more