Key leadership appointments to anchor Afrobarometer’s third decade

Afrobarometer has announced appointments to key leadership positions that will anchor the network’s ambitious move into its third decade.

In line with Afrobarometer’s new structure unveiled during last year’s Round 8 Planning Meeting, interim CEO E. Gyimah-Boadi announced the following appointments:

  • Afrobarometer board: A five-member board has assumed its oversight responsibilities, consisting of Lara Taylor-Pearce, auditor general of Sierra Leone; Amina Oyagbola, legal and corporate expert from Nigeria; Robert Mattes and Michael Bratton, network co-founders and senior advisers; and board chair Gyimah-Boadi. Additional board members are being recruited with an eye to ensuring geographic representation.
  • International Advisory Council: Ambassador Johnnie Carson, senior adviser to the United States Institute of Peace and former U.S. assistant secretary of state for African affairs, will chair the council, which is charged with providing high-level strategic intelligence, foresight, and advocacy.

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