Basotho support amending Constitution to give King greater say

Basotho trust their King more than any other governance institution and favour amending the Constitution to give him greater say on issues of national importance, according to the most recent Afrobarometer survey.

The trust in the King translates into the majority of the Basotho strongly agreeing that the Constitution of Lesotho should be amended to allow the King to have more say on issues of national importance.

The result comes at the time when Lesotho is preparing to undergo a multi-sectoral reform process. Under the constitutional reforms component, the issue of the King’s role will receive attention. Basotho are already debating whether the King’s role  should remain  as that of a ceremonial monarch without any influence or powers on issues of national importance or whether the King should be vested with powers that will give him a more prominent role to play on important national issues.