WP171: Do electoral handouts affect voting behavior? Evidence from five African countries shows little to no effect on voter turnout or vote shares. Read more
WP157: Political risks facing African democracies: Evidence from Afrobarometer Where are African countries headed politically? How resilient are Africa’s governments, regimes, and states? What are the characteristics of political risk? This paper is motivated by a desire to discover whether it is possible to identify early-warning... Read more
AD100: La menace de l'extrémisme violent: Perceptions des populations d'Afrique du Nord En juin 2015, les militants de l'Etat Islamique (EI) autoproclamé ont attaqué un hôtel sur la plage à Sousse en Tunisie, tuant 38 personnes (CNN, 2015a). Quatre mois plus tard, l’EI a revendiqué l’abattage d'un avion de ligne russe, avec 224... Read more
AD4: Political accountability in East African countries: Who should make MPs and councillors do their jobs? One of the critical challenges facing African countries today is how to make governments work for the people – using resources at their disposal efficiently, delivering public goods and services, and guaranteeing an equitable distribution of... Read more
PP11: La demande de démocratie augmente en Afrique, mais la plupart des dirigeants politiques ne répondent pas aux attente Les Africains expriment leur attachement croissant à la démocratie d’après les sondages d’opinion menés par l’Afrobaromètre dans 34 pays. Sept Africains sur dix préfèrent la démocratie à tout autre régime politique et la proportion de démocrates très... Read more
WP165: Décentralisation et qualité de l’offre de services socio-publics en Afrique subsaharienne L’objectif du présent papier est d’analyser, du point de vue purement microéconomique, l’impact de la décentralisation sur la qualité de l’offre des services socio-publics en Afrique sub-saharienne. Read more
WP166: Ethnic diversity, segregation, and ethnocentric trust in Africa Ethnic diversity is generally associated with less social capital and lower levels of trust. However, most empirical evidence for this relationship is focused on generalized trust, rather than more theoretically appropriate measures of group-based trust. Read more
BP54: East African Federation: Tanzanians favor greater economic integration, but wary of stronger political links The East African Community was originally comprised of three countries: Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. These three states have a history of cooperation dating back to the early 20th century, including the Customs Union between Kenya and Uganda in 1917,... Read more
AD131: Weak support and limited participation hinder women’s political leadership in North Africa Should women have the same chance of being elected as men? Read more
PP18: A window on policy priorities: Evidence from the citizens of 34 African countries The post-2015 sustainable development discourse has emphasized the need for a more inclusive and participatory policy framework projecting the voices of the people in policy-making and implementation processes. Some commentators have argued that while... Read more