Contingencies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Like all organizations, Afrobarometer (AB) has been forced to adapt our ways of working to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our primary objective is the protection of colleagues and communities while ensuring that African voices count in public policy and development.

Working arrangements

  • All AB staff are working remotely from home.
  • All are available as usual on email, telephone, video-conferencing platforms, and WhatsApp.
  • Staff will be available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. every weekday, considering time zones.
  • Our time zone locations are:
  •  Nairobi (IDS): +3 hours UTC
  •  Cape Town (IJR) and Zomba, Malawi (director of survey): +2 hours UTC
  •  Accra (AB head office) and London (director of engagement): 0 hours UTC
  •  Lansing, Michigan (director of analysis) and Washington, D.C. (CEO): -4 hours UTC
  •  Dallas (head of publications): -5 hours UTC

For emergencies, please contact the relevant officer. Their contact details are as follows:

Central management team:

• CEO – E. Gyimah-Boadi, [email protected]
• COO – Felix Biga, [email protected]
• Director of Analysis – Carolyn Logan, [email protected]
• Director of Capacity Building – Edem Selormey, [email protected]
• Director of Engagement and Fundraising – Bruno van Dyk, [email protected]
• Director of Surveys – Boniface Dulani, [email protected]

Heads of department:

• Head of Communications – Sibusiso Nkomo, [email protected] (also partnerships)
• Head of Data Management – Jamy Felton, [email protected]
• Head of Publications – Brian Howard, [email protected]
• Human Resources Manager – Kuukuah Baiden, [email protected]
• Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist – Samuel Baaye, [email protected]

Regional project managers:

• East Africa – Abel Oyuke, [email protected]
• Francophone Africa – Richard Houessou, [email protected]
• Southern Africa – Anyway Chingwete, [email protected]
• West and North Africa – Daniel Armah Attoh, [email protected]

Please remain safe during this time of global challenge and we look forward to ensuring that we continue to meet our important objectives.

We thank you for your interest in our activities and trust that you are keeping safe while we cope with the global pandemic.