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China-Africa #VoicesAfrica webinar: 3 September 2020 Beyond government relations: African citizens’ perceptions on Africa-China engagement Read more
Job announcement: Resource Mobilization Coordinator Resource Mobilization Coordinator. Read more
Afrobarometer June 2020 June 2020 highlights. Read more
Appel d'offres pour le recrutement d'un Partenaire national d'Afrobaromètre au Bénin dans le cadre d'une enquête Afrobaromètre Round 8 Afrobaromètre lance un appel à offres d'organismes désireux de servir comme partenaire national (NP) au Bénin. Sous la direction d'Afrobaromètre, le NP choisi réalisera une enquête par sondage représentative à l'échelle nationale de la... Read more
Afrobarometer April 2020 April 2020 highlights. Read more
Contingencies during the COVID-19 pandemic Like all organizations, Afrobarometer (AB) has been forced to adapt our ways of working to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our primary objective is the protection of colleagues and communities while ensuring that African voices count... Read more
Afrobarometer February 2020 February 2020 highlights. Read more
Afrobarometer January 2020 January 2020 highlights. Read more
Afrobarometer-OSF workshop on the future of democracy Afrobarometer and the Africa Regional Office of the Open Society Foundations (OSF/Afro) have agreed on a strategic map to guide a path of actionable collaboration among key African regional and sub-regional institutions, as well as independent research... Read more
Afrobarometer November 2019 November highlights. Read more