Pan-Africa Profiles

Our global releases provide analysis across all surveyed countries on the most important and timely issues that Afrobarometer covers. Many are released during special release events in specific countries; all are distributed to stakeholders, the news media, and globally via our website.

Below is a listing of our global results. You can also visit our global results dedicated microsite for further resources:

A quick handy summary of Round 6 global releases (download here).

Round 7

Citizen priorities and assessments three years into the SDGs

Released 19 November 2018

Policy Paper 51:

Taking stock: Citizen priorities and assessments three years into the SDGs


Round 6

Access to justice in Africa

Released 13 March 2017

Policy Paper 39:

Ambitious SDG goal confronts challenging realities: Access to justice is still elusive for many Africans


Freedom of association in Africa

Released 16 December 2016

Dispatch 128:

After 50 years, freedom of association is firmly established, though far from absolute, in Africa


Democracy in Africa

Released 22 November 2016

Policy Paper 36:

Do Africans still want democracy?


China in Africa

Released 24 October 2016 (World Development Information Day)

Dispatch 122:

China’s growing presence in Africa wins largely positive popular reviews


MP and councillor performance in Africa

Released 15 September 2016

Dispatch 115:

Job performance of MPs, local councillors: Are representatives serving voters or themselves?


Election management in Africa

Released 6 September 2016

Policy Paper 35:

Election quality, public trust are central issues for Africa’s upcoming contests


Trustworthy institutions and development in Africa

Released 23 August 2016

Dispatch 112:

Do trustworthy institutions matter for development? Corruption, trust, and government performance in Africa


Youth political engagement in Africa

Released 12 August 2016 (International Youth Day)

Policy Paper 34:

Does less engaged mean less empowered? Political participation lags among African youth, especially women


Regionalism in Africa

Released 25 May 2016 (Africa Day)

Dispatch 91:

Regional integration for Africa: Could stronger public support turn ‘rhetoric into reality’?


News media in Africa

Released 3 May 2016 (World Press Freedom Day)

Dispatch 85:

Strong public support for ‘watchdog’ role backs African news media under attack


Health care in Africa

Released 7 April 2016 (World Health Day)

Policy paper 31:

Despite gains, barriers keep health care high on Africa’s priority list


Water and sanitation

Released 22 March 2016 (World Water Day)

Dispatch 76:

Lack of safe water, sanitation spurs growing dissatisfaction with government performance


Electrification in Africa

Dispatch 75:

Off-grid or ‘off-on’: Lack of access, unreliable electricity supply still plague majority of Africans


Tolerance in Africa - Maputo, 1 March 2016

Dispatch 74:

Good neighbours? Africans express high levels of tolerance for many, but not for all

Also available in Portuguese

Press release: Africans tolerant on religion, ethnicity, nationality, and HIV, but not on homosexuality

Also available in Portuguese


Lived poverty in Africa - Addis Ababa, 21 January 2016

Policy paper 29:

Africa’s growth dividend? Lived poverty drops across much of the continent

Press release: Lived poverty drops in two-thirds of surveyed countries in Africa


Improving infrastructure for growth and livelihoods in Africa - Nairobi, 14 January 2016


Building on progress: Infrastructure development still a major challenge in Africa

Press release:

Despite progress, basic infrastructure still a challenge in Africa


Citizen priorities - Dakar, 17 December 2015

Dispatch 67:

Where to start? Aligning Sustainable Development Goals with citizen priorities

Press release:

Unemployment, education top list of Africans’ problems, priorities


Corruption - Johannesburg, 1 December 2015

In partnership with Transparency International:

People and Corruption: Africa Survey 2015


Round 5

Democracy - Bamako, 23 April 2014

PP 11: 

Demand for democracy is rising in Africa, but most political leaders fail to deliver

Press release:

Demand for democracy in Africa rises -  Supply falls short


Gender - Tunis, 27 March 2014

PP 8:

Support for African women’s equality rises: education, jobs and political participation still unequal

Press release:

African women lag behind men in activism, fear campaign violence


Taxation, transparency and compliance - Lagos, 26 February 2014

PP 7:

Africa's willing taxpayers thwarted by opaque tax systems, corruption

Press release:

Africa's willing taxpayers thwarted by opaque tax systems, corruption


Government services and natural resources - Accra, 11 December 2013

PP 5:

What people want from government: Basic services performance ratings, 34 countries

Press release:

Citizens insist on quality of services not just quantity

PP 6:

Oil and mining countries: Transparency low, official impunity high

Press release:

Extractive states tax-use opaque, official impunity high


Corruption - Dakar, 13 November 2013

PP 4:

Governments falter in fight to curb corruption: the people give most a failing grade

Press release:

Governments falter in fight to curb corruption


Free speech, communications, and good governance - Nairobi, 16 October 2013


The partnership of free speech and good governance in Africa

Press release:

Afrobarometer finds correlation between freedom to speak and good governance

Press release:

Radio remains top choice for news even as traditional media loses ground

Press release:

Africa connects: Mobile phones on the rise in Africa, internet use inching up

Media briefing:

The partnership of free speech and good governance in Africa


Lived poverty and economy - Johannesburg, 1 October 2013


After a decade of growth in Africa, little change in poverty at the grassroots

PP 2:

Africa rising? Popular dissatisfaction with economic management despite a decade of growth

Press release:

One in five Africans often lack food, clean water or medical care, Afrobarometer shows

Press release:

A majority of Africans say national economic conditions are bad

African growth fails to help poor: Interview by RFI's Gaelle Laleix with Afrobarometer's Boniface Dulani, lecturer at the University of Malawi


Other Round 5 global releases (2014 - 2015):



Round 4


Neither consolidating nor fully democratic: the evolution of African political regimes, 1999-2008


Poverty reduction, economic growth and democratization in sub-Saharan Africa


Citizens of the world? Africans, media and telecommunications


Are democratic citizens emerging in Africa?


The quality of democracy and governance in Africa: New results from Afrobarometer Round 4


Round 3


Citizens and the state in Africa: New results from Afrobarometer Round 3


Where is Africa going? Views from below: A compendium of trends in public opinion 12 African countries, 1999-2006


The status of democracy, 2005-2006: Findings from Afrobarometer Round 3 for 18 countries


Round 2


Afrobarometer Round 2: Compendium of results from a 15-country survey


Round 1


Afrobarometer Round 1: Compendium of comparative data from a 12-nation survey