Communications Specialist (Afrobarometer Communications Coordinator, Anglophone West and North Africa)

Afrobarometer (AB) is a pan-African, nonpartisan, nonprofit research network that measures the political, economic, and social atmosphere prevailing in African countries. Guided by the vision that African societies thrive when African voices count in public policy and development, Afrobarometer provides high-quality data and analysis on citizens’ evaluations and experiences of democratic governance and quality of life. This is provided as a public benefit and is free to policymakers, policy advocates, civil society organizations, academics, news media, donors and investors, and ordinary Africans.

Launched in 1999 in 12 countries, Afrobarometer has completed more than 325,000 interviews in seven survey rounds in up to 38 countries. Round 8 surveys were completed in 18 countries between August 2019 and March 2020 before fieldwork was suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Round 8 surveys started up again in October 2020 and are expected to cover a total of at least 35 countries. Afrobarometer currently conducts face-to-face computer-assisted interviews in the language of the respondent’s choice with nationally representative samples. Effective communication of survey findings and capacity building for survey research, analysis, communications, and management are integral parts of Afrobarometer’s work.

Among Afrobarometer’s key achievements are proving that citizen research can be conducted even in fragile, post-conflict, and closed political environments in Africa; legitimating public opinion as a pillar of African democracy; and building a network of researchers that has earned the reputation as the go-to source for reliable data on what Africans are thinking.

Afrobarometer’s institutional values are independence, excellence, collaboration, and commitment. Afrobarometer individual values are integrity, respect, responsiveness, cooperation, and fairness. Funders and other stakeholders are treated as partners in the advancement of Afrobarometer’s endeavors. Relationships, non-partisanship, trust, and accountability are at the core of our work. Afrobarometer staff and network members appreciate benefiting from colleagues’ creativity, diligence, and enterprise, and value the ability to work individually and as part of a team. The qualities of leadership, initiative, and excellence are nurtured and rewarded. In pursuance of these values, all staff are required to abide by the Statement of Personal and Professional Standards of Conduct.


Role Overview

The Engagement Unit, established in 2019, plays a critical role in the success and sustainability of the AB network. There are two teams in the unit: Communications Team and Resource Mobilization Team under a Director of Engagement. The former comprises a longstanding team, including the Head of Communications, Communication Coordinators in Southern, East, Francophone, North and West Africa. The latter team is responsible for forging partnerships built on trust and mutual accountability and for attracting philanthropic contributions to support AB’s goals. These two teams work closely together in disseminating Afrobarometer findings, raising the profile and securing the sustainability of Afrobarometer.


The Communications Team commits itself to:

•      Ensure effective, timely dissemination of survey findings.

•      Develop and maintain a world-class website that enables access to and use of AB.

•      Ensure inventive, effective data-visualization expertise in the communications unit.

•      Strengthen other communications unit capacities.

•      Enhance dissemination of survey findings through new formats, technologies, audiences, platforms.

•      Effectively demonstrate how AB data is used to shape policy or strategy.

•      Build capacity among stakeholders/potential users in data analysis and use, including the use of online data analysis tools.

•      Monitor and respond rapidly to opportunities to inject Afrobarometer data into impending or emerging country-specific or global events or trends.

•      Explore new opportunities for partnerships to enhance communications.

•      Strengthen National Partner communications capacities.


In addition, the Communications Specialist (Coordinator, Anglophone West and North Africa), has responsibilities to the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), Afrobarometer’s National Partner and Core Partner for West Africa, based in Accra.


Deadline: 21 February


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