Afrobarometer Digital Portfolio Manager

Afrobarometer (AB) is a pan-African, nonpartisan, non-profit research network that measures the political, economic, and social atmosphere prevailing in African countries. Guided by the vision that African societies thrive when African voices count in public policy and development, AB provides high-quality data and analysis on citizens’ evaluations and experiences of democratic governance and quality of life. This is provided as a public benefit and is free to policymakers, policy advocates, civil society organizations, academics, news media, donors and investors, and ordinary Africans.

Launched in 1999 in 12 countries, AB has completed more than 325,000 interviews in seven survey rounds in up to 38 countries. Round 8 surveys have commenced to cover at least 35 countries in 2019/20 but have been delayed by COVID-19. AB currently conducts face-to-face computer-assisted interviews in the language of the respondent’s choice with nationally representative samples. Effective communication of survey findings and capacity building for survey research, analysis, communications, and management are integral parts of AB’s work.

Among AB’s key achievements are proving that citizen research can be conducted even in fragile, post-conflict, and closed political environments in Africa; legitimating public opinion as a pillar of African democracy; and building a network of researchers that has earned the reputation as the go-to source for reliable data on what Africans are thinking.

Job Overview

The Digital Portfolio Manager (DPM) develops and oversees the creation of clear and compelling digital content on the AB website and social media channels for existing and new audiences.

The DPM will shape, create, and evolve digital content while drawing on the experience of and guiding others in the organization. The DPM will take responsibility for digital content and its quality throughout a user’s journey. S/he will be comfortable using data and research to support decisions.

A successful digital portfolio requires a range of skills for effective delivery. These include:

  1. Digital leadership (pulling together the tasks in points 2-7 below)
  2. Digital user insight
  3. Digital user experience
  4. Digital content
  5. Digital design
  6. Technical oversight
  7. Business considerations

The DPM will be part of the Engagement Unit, which plays a critical role in AB’s success and sustainability and consists of two teams led by the Director of Engagement. Members of the Communications Team include the Head of Communications; Communication Coordinators in Southern, East, Francophone, North and West Africa; and this role. Resource Mobilization is a new team responsible for forging partnerships built on trust and mutual accountability and for attracting philanthropic contributions to support AB’s goals. These two teams work closely together in disseminating AB findings, raising AB’s profile, and securing its financial sustainability.

Deadline: 6 October 2020

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