Why we love Afrobarometer

What they say about Afrobarometer...

“Afrobarometer … is the gold standard for independent opinion polls in Africa. … There are no organisations like Afrobarometer on the continent that provide reliable projections and polling.  The results produced by AB are used across the globe and by the USG. It is also read by African leaders.”

Linda Thomas Greenfield, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

"Afrobarometer is Africa's premier public opinion survey organisation. No other group comes close to matching it."

John Allen, Executive Editor, AllAfrica.com

“[Afrobarometer] is one of the greatest success stories of social science research and analytical capacity building on the African continent that I am aware of. It has yielded … priceless insights about what African people really think about the challenges of governance, democracy, and development that they face, and what they aspire for.”

Larry Diamond, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, and Senior Fellow, Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, Stanford University

“I can say with confidence that the Afrobarometer team employs best practices and achieves high-quality results. In fact, their methods represent a model that should be emulated by other organizations doing international survey research.”

Dr. Michael Robbins, Project Manager, Arab Barometer

“Other respected organizations have published data and indexes on African perceptions of political and social developments, but none has done so with the scientific rigor and systematic precision of Afrobarometer. The network boasts up-to-date polling methods, a user-friendly data interface, and highly topical research publications, including many targeted at press and popular users. The surveys have captured the ebb and flow of African thinking on critical issues like presidential term limits, constitutional changes, and official corruption, while tracking progress in poverty alleviation, delivery of health and education services, and provision of clean water and reliable electricity supply. …

[Afrobarometer is] a major success story of democratic and developmental institution building within Africa.”

Ambassador Johnnie Carson, Dr. Jendayi Frazer, Constance Berry Newman, Walter H. Kansteiner III, Ambassador George Moose, Ambassador Herman Jay “Hank” Cohen, and Dr. Chester A. Crocker, former Assistant Secretaries in the State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs

“[Afrobarometer] is the world’s leading research project on issues that affect African citizens. … [Its] data provide a key insight into citizens’ perceptions of how effectively the government is delivering public goods and services, which is the basic aim of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance.”

Chloe Bailey, Mo Ibrahim Foundation

“If the Afrobarometer ceases to exist, it will be a blow not just to academic researchers and civil society activists, but also to democracy in Africa more generally. … If you want to find out what Kenyans or Nigerians or Senegalese or Tanzanians or Zambians think about politics, all you need to do is go to www.afrobarometer.org. As a result, Afrobarometer data is now heavily used by a remarkable plethora of policy makers, academics and civil society groups.”

Nic Cheeseman, associate professor in African politics, African Studies Centre, University of Oxford

“Given its extensive geographical scope and unique time series data, Afrobarometer is a crucial source of information on perceptions of security and security actors in Africa, and helps fill important gaps in statistics on the continent. I hope to be able to continue tapping into this base of knowledge and expertise to monitor trends and advise policymakers working to address security issues in Africa.”

Nicolas Florquin, Research Ccoordinator, Small Arms Survey

“Your data provides baseline information about public views on key electoral, democracy, political and human rights attitudes. No one does it as systematically or with as much care and precision as Afrobarometer.”

Johnnie Carson, Ambassador and Senior Advisor, United States Institute of Peace, and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs