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COVID-19 in Senegal

Citizens approve of the government’s response to the pandemic but are skeptical about vaccines

(Available only in French.)

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COVID-19 in Togo

Citizens are satisfied with the government’s response but skeptical about vaccines

(Available only in French.) 

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Troubling tax trends

Fewer Africans say government has the right to collect taxes; more say people avoid paying 

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COVID-19 in Mauritius

Mauritians approve of government's COVID-19 pandemic response but also suspect corruption, distrust politicians' intentions.

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Do elections work?

Support for elections weakens among Africans; many see them as ineffective in holding leaders accountable

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National emergency needs more action

Sierra Leoneans overwhelmingly approve of government’s steps against sexual violence but say they’re not enough. 

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COVID-19 in Benin

Citizens approve of the government’s response but see aid distribution as inequitable

(available in French only.)

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Access to justice in Africa

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