Guineans voice strong support for two-term limit for president More than eight out of 10 Guineans favour a two-term limit on presidential mandates, the most recent national Afrobarometer survey indicates. Read more
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AD321: Is Benin’s democracy living up to its reputation? In Benin, strong majorities say that citizens have to be careful about what they say about politics (66%), which political organizations they join (69%), and how they vote (78%). Read more
AD320: Les services de base et les infrastructures du Niger ne sont pas encore suffisants « Malgré les améliorations, force est de reconnaître que des insuffisances majeures persistent relativement à: (i) la qualité des routes, (ii) la faible couverture du pays en route et (iii) la surcharge sur les routes ». Read more
AD319: Apesar das liberdades, os Cabo-Verdianos estão insatisfeitos com a democracia na pioria do desempenho econômico O Cabo Verde destaca-se no continente Africano como um paradigma de tolerância e respeito pelos direitos humanos e liberdades fundamentais. Read more
AD319: Despite freedoms, Cabo Verdeans dissatisfied with democracy as economic performance worsens In Cabo Verde, satisfaction with democracy drops along with approval of government’s economic performance. Read more
AD318: Batswana report improving gender equality and approve of government efforts In Botswana, more women than men say it is easy to access basic public services. Both women and men say they are generally treated with respect by public officials. Read more
AD317: Gambians trust the armed forces but are split over the presence of ECOMIG In August 2017, as part of a broader reform agenda, Gambian President Adama Barrow launched a security sector reform (SSR) process to overhaul the country’s security institutions in line with democratic norms and practices. The reform initiative is... Read more
AD316: Os São-Tomenses apoiam os impostos mas não confiam nos oficiais tributários Embora as receitas fiscais sejam uma parte crítica do financiamento de serviços governamentais, muitos países em desenvolvimento enfrentam obstáculos na implementação de sistemas fiscais eficazes e eficientes (Tanzi & Zee, 2000). Read more