AD327: Despite concerns about electoral commission and conflict, Mauritians value open elections Most Mauritians say that leaders should be chosen through regular, open, and honest elections. Read more
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AD225: Mauritius strong – but far from perfect – on gender equality and social tolerance In Mauritius, experience of discrimination or harassment is more common among Afro-Mauritians and Muslims. Read more
AD214: ‘Paradise is getting rocky’: Mauritians see climate change as threat to quality of life ‘Paradise is getting rocky’: Mauritians see climate change as threat to quality of life. Read more
AD197: Role of citizen: Mauritians value national identity but limit civic engagement The Constitution of Mauritius grants citizens certain fundamental rights, including the right to be free and protected by the law, freedom of conscience, freedom of association, freedom of movement and of opinion, freedom to express themselves, freedom... Read more
Mauritius summary of results (2017) Summary of results for Mauritius (2017) Read more
AD191: Majority of Mauritians say living conditions are good, but many question country’s direction In a stable political environment since independence in 1968, Mauritius transformed itself from a low-income country dependent on sugar into an upper-middle-income country with growing wealth creation from financial services, tourism, and other service... Read more
Mauritians want child allowance as country faces declining population growth According to the most recent Afrobarometer survey, about three-fourths of Mauritians feel that considering the fact that the country is having a problem of declining population growth, the government should give child allowance to all citizens who will... Read more
Two-thirds of Mauritians don’t want cannabis legalised and are divided over government handling of drug trafficking A majority of Mauritians do not want cannabis legalised, according to the latest Afrobarometer survey. Read more