AD262: Freedoms seen as expanding, but fewer Malians back free media, feel free to speak their minds For democracy to be “lived” by ordinary citizens, their ability to engage with others and the state must be protected. Read more
AD222: Les Maliens dénoncent les effets néfastes des changements climatiques A l’instar de tous les pays de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, le Mali est frappé par un changement climatique très avarié. Read more
AD219: Popular perceptions of elections, government action, and democracy in Mali Much of the rhetoric ahead of Mali’s national elections in July has focused on security and reunification in the face of a continuing armed rebellion in the North (Bekow, 2018). Perhaps less obviously, the stakes are also high when it comes to what... Read more
PP46: Food, health, poverty, water: How Malian citizens prioritize problems and the Sustainable Development Goals Food, health, poverty, water: How Malian citizens prioritize problems and the Sustainable Development Goals. Read more
Mali summary of results (2017) Afrobarometer Round 7: Survey in Mali, 2017 Read more
AD190: Impacts et séquelles de la crise au Mali: psychologiques, économiques, et tenaces La crise au Mali: Citoyens décrivent des impacts psychologiques, économiques – et tenaces Read more
AD166: In Mali, citizens’ access to justice compromised by perceived bias, corruption, complexity Malians’ access to legal system severely compromised by perceived bias, corruption, complexity. Read more
AD106: Malgré un recul de pauvreté vécue au Mali, les conditions de vie restent à améliorer La majorité des Maliens jugent que leurs conditions de vie sont mauvaises, même si la pauvreté vécue par certaines couches de la population semble avoir légèrement reculée, selon la dernière enquête d’Afrobaromètre. Read more
Mali Round 6 summary of results (2014) Summary of results for the Round 6 survey in Mali. Read more
WP155: On the primacy of weak public service provision in rural Africa: Malians redefine ‘state breakdown’ amidst 2012 political crisis In 2012, Mali faced a dual state breakdown disrupting nearly 20 years of democratization – a coup and a secessionist insurgency. This paper provides the perspectives of rural Malians living on the border of state- and rebel-controlled territory. Read more