AD186: Ghanaians denounce mob ‘justice’ and political-party vigilantism, endorse rule of law instead Two forms of lawless violence dominated headlines in Ghana in 2017, though neither was new: mob “justice” applied to suspected criminals and vigilantism by disgruntled politicalparty thugs. Read more
Turning raw data into useful information: Ashesi University sharpens students’ statistical skills By Josephine Appiah-Nyamekye; Afrobarometer's regional communications coordinator for anglophone West Africa. Read more
Josephine Appiah-Nyamekye - Afrobarometer
Afrobarometer Round 7 survey in Ghana Findings from the Afrobarometer Round 7 survey in Ghana. Read more
Creating growth – investing in jobs, health, and education – is the best way to stem migration By Prof. E. Gyimah-Boadi, executive director of Afrobarometer and the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana). Read more
Quest for greener pastures: Four in 10 Ghanaians have considered emigrating Four in 10 Ghanaians have considered emigrating, although far fewer are actually taking steps to leave the country. Read more
Ghanaians call for tough punishment for corrupt public officials A majority of Ghanaians demand stiff punishment for corrupt public officials, including jail time, restitution of stolen funds, and public shaming, according to a new Afrobarometer survey. Read more
Ghanaians decry ‘galamsey,’ favour government providing alternative livelihood support A majority of Ghanaians support the government’s efforts to clamp down on illegal small-scale mining, popularly known as “galamsey,” a recent Afrobarometer survey indicates. Read more
AD175: Ghanaians disapprove of illegal mining, endorse alternative livelihood support by government No more ‘galamsey’: Ghanaians disapprove of illegal mining, endorse alternative livelihood support. Read more
Women’s interest in politics increases, though gender gap remains Ghanaian women’s interest in public affairs and political discussion increased between 2012 and 2015. Read more
Corruption perceptions in Ghana: Different approaches reach similar conclusions Ghana’s place at the forefront of African democracy and good governance has been called into question by a recent series of corruption scandals. Read more