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South Africa’s strong economic performance of the past few years has not been registered simply in official growth rates, but also in the positive evaluations of ordinary citizens. At the same time, it seems that economic growth has not yet succeeded in... Read more
Indicators of popular demand for democracy and mass perceptions of the supply of democracy constitute signature items for the Afrobarometer. We have reported elsewhere trends in these aspects of public opinion for 12 countries across three rounds of... Read more
BP39: Instruments de mesure, d'analyse et de suivi de la gouvernance
Dans Madagascar, l’importance de gouvernance est soulignée par l’ensemble de la population. D’après les dispositifs d’enquêtes, au total, 91% des Malgaches dénoncent la mauvaise gouvernance comme le premier facteur de sous-développement du pays. Le... Read more
This briefing, describes changes in democratic attitudes in Lesotho and is based on a survey of 1,161 Basotho who are 18 years of age or older, administered between 6 July 2005 and 17 August 2005. Read more
The Afrobarometer, conducted three surveys of political attitudes and values in Lesotho in the years 2000, 2003 and 2005. The Afrobarometer survey was also carried out one or more times in Benin, Botswana, Cape Verde, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi,... Read more
Tanzanians are unhappy with the country’s economic conditions and their own living conditions, and they still experience high levels of lived poverty. Indeed, poverty at the individual level is a good part of the explanation for economic dissatisfaction... Read more
The controversy over presidential term limits is at the center of public discussion in Nigeria. The most recent national opinion survey by the Afrobarometer finds strong support among the Nigerian public for term limits, free elections, competitive... Read more
Effective access to functioning and well-equipped social services is a prerequisite to improving the quality of life and for promoting the well being of all Tanzanians. The Afrobarometer has now tracked Tanzanians’ perceptions of the quality of social... Read more
The Government of Tanzania has been battling against corruption since the early days of independence, and the efforts have been re-doubled in the last seven years with the adoption of a new and comprehensive anti-corruption strategy. Is the Tanzanian... Read more
Under the auspices of the Afrobarometer, IfESOR conducted a nation-wide survey of political opinions and attitudes in Malawi between 15th June and 3rd July, 2005. A nationally representative sample of 1200 respondents drawn from all the districts in the... Read more