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Dans le cadre des nouvelles stratégies de réduction de la pauvreté (initiatives DSRP, PPTE), l’importance de la participation de la population à l’élaboration et au suivi des politiques mises en œuvres est soulignée. Read more
The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana that came into effect in January 1993 provides the basic charter for the country's fourth attempt at republican democratic government since independence in 1957. It declares Ghana to be a unitary... Read more
Summary of Results, Cape Verde 2005 Round 3 Read more
Summary of results for the Round 3 survey in Senegal (2005). Read more
Ghana began implementing neo-liberal economic reforms in the mid 1980s under the quasi-military Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC) administration led by Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings. The two administrations of Ghana’s Fourth Republic -... Read more
Sommaire des résultats de Round 3 enquête au Mali, 2005. Read more
Benin summary of results for Round 3. Read more
Summary of results for the Round 3 survey in Tanzania (2005). Read more
Sommaire des résultats du round 3 enquête au Madagascar (2005) Read more
Summary of results for the Round 3 survey in Nigeria (2005). Read more