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Nigerians optimistic about economic outlook despite persistent poverty, inadequate services. Read more
Is anyone listening? Zimbabwe’s MPs, local councillors get failing grades on responsiveness, performance. Read more
AD205: Basotho increasingly favour legalizing dual citizenship, unifying with South Africa
Basotho increasingly favour legalizing dual citizenship, unifying with South Africa. Read more
Does proportional representation encourage citizen protests? Evidence from Africa. Read more
Food, health, poverty, water: How Malian citizens prioritize problems and the Sustainable Development Goals. Read more
La sécurité des personnes, un des facteurs importants pour le bien-être de la population ainsi que le climat des investissements, ne peut être chose effective sans la proximité des forces de l’ordre avec la population, leur professionnalisme, et leur... Read more
Amid rising dissatisfaction, Zambians give government poor marks on the economy. Read more
Compared to their elders, Namibia’s youth are more critical of government’s economic management and more likely to consider emigration. Read more
Reconciliation in Kenya: Partisan differences and common ground. Read more
A majority of São Tomeans see at least “some” officials in most key institutions as being corrupt. Police and judges are most widely perceived as corrupt. Read more