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Across sub-Saharan Africa, new democracies have emerged mainly in the context of relatively effective states. Using aggregate indicators of governance and new public opinion data, this article shows which aspects of state building are most important. Read more
WP42: The power of propaganda: Public opinion in Zimbabwe, 2004
This report probes the public mood in Zimbabwe in mid-2004, documents changes in public opinion since 1999, and compares Zimbabwe to other African countries. The results are situated in the context of the country's current economic and political... Read more
This report, drawing on the second round of the Afrobarometer survey, analyses satisfaction with democracy and perceived performance of the New Deal government in Zambia, which took the reins of power after the heavily contested tripartite elections of... Read more
This paper explores three different hypotheses about the role of ethnicity in voting behavior. Read more
Do political institutions affect citizens' satisfaction with democracy? Using cross-sectional Afrobarometer survey data on attitudes toward democracy for 10 sub-Saharan African countries together with country-level data on political institutions in... Read more
A great deal of attention has focused on the effects of diverste social identities and their potentially negative consequences for achieving an overarching national identity, with implications for the stability of politial regimes and for democratic... Read more
This paper tests some of Robert Cox's theories of political and social transformation using data from Round 1 (1999-2001) surveys in seven Southern African countries. Cox categorizes individuals as either "marginalised," "precarious... Read more
Pour répondre à la problématique pose dans ce rapport à savoir la nature de la démocratie sénégalaise et ses performances et contreperformances, l’équipe d’Afrobarometre a réalisé une enquête nationale d’opinion en décembre 2002. L’enquête était basée... Read more
Le thème central de ce deuxième rapport d'enquêtes Afrobaromètre est la perception du rôle du marché dans l'opinion publique malienne et ce dans un contexte de démocratisation. Cette perception est mesurée sur un échantillon aléatoire de 1 286... Read more
WP34: Afrobarometer Round 2: Compendium of results from a 15-country survey
The following is an overview of the key findings from Round 2. Read more