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This paper tests some of Robert Cox's theories of political and social transformation using data from Round 1 (1999-2001) surveys in seven Southern African countries. Cox categorizes individuals as either "marginalised," "precarious... Read more
Pour répondre à la problématique pose dans ce rapport à savoir la nature de la démocratie sénégalaise et ses performances et contreperformances, l’équipe d’Afrobarometre a réalisé une enquête nationale d’opinion en décembre 2002. L’enquête était basée... Read more
Le thème central de ce deuxième rapport d'enquêtes Afrobaromètre est la perception du rôle du marché dans l'opinion publique malienne et ce dans un contexte de démocratisation. Cette perception est mesurée sur un échantillon aléatoire de 1 286... Read more
WP34: Afrobarometer Round 2: Compendium of results from a 15-country survey
The following is an overview of the key findings from Round 2. Read more
WP33: A new dawn? Popular optimism in Kenya after the transition
The first Kenya Afrobarometer survey was conducted in August-September 2003, just eight months after the first electoral transfer of power in the country's history. Read more
WP32: The state of democracy in Lesotho
In 2002,after decades of discontent and oppression, Lesotho went to the polls to elect a government acceptable to the great majority of its citizens. The fears of the ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy (that the opposition would stir up more trouble)... Read more
Summary of results from the Round 3 survey in Uganda (2005). Read more
Summary of results from the Round 3 survey in Lesotho (2005). Read more
WP27: Insiders and outsiders: Varying perceptions of democracy and governance in Uganda
The results of a second Afrobarometer survey in Uganda, conducted in August-September 2002, reveal that Ugandans continue to display a considerable degree of satisfaction with both their political and economic systems. Read more
Africans live in a globalized world. But are they aware of the United Nations and other international organizations? If so, how do they evaluate the performance of these organizations? Read more