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According to some estimates, up to 3-4 million Zimbabweans live outside their country. Read more
Round 7 summary of results (2017) for Zambia Read more
AD159: Quelles appréciations les Maliens ont-ils de la citoyenneté?
Citoyenneté au Mali: plus faible dans les régions du Nord. Available only in French. Read more
Liberia’s race to the next presidency: Transparency, fairness critical as country nears pivotal election Read more
AD157: Zambia at a crossroads: Will citizens defend democracy?
Zambians sound alarm for eroding democracy. Read more
Parents have right to physically discipline their kids, majority of Zimbabweans say. Read more
To what extent do ordinary Africans feel they can combat corruption? What informs whether citizens believe they can play a role? Read more
Au Burkina, les opinions post-2014 mises a l’epreuve avec les procédures judiciaires enclenchées contre l'ancien president. Read more
Though an economic magnet, South Africa is still grappling with serious problems of crime and violence. Read more
Report in French: Agricultural production and quality of life are suffering, citizens say. Read more