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Compromises on free speech? Many Ugandans willing to let government monitor private and religious speech in the name of security. Read more
Freedom of information in Botswana: Citizens back private communication, public accountability Read more
The autocratic trust bias: Surveys in less democratic countries show self-censorship on sensitive questions. Read more
Access to justice? Citizen distrust, perceptions of corruption mark Sierra Leone’s court system. Read more
Kenyans see gains in women’s equality, but support still uneven – especially among men. Read more
Kenya and the other member states of the East African Community (EAC) are doing considerably better economically than most countries in sub-Saharan Africa (IMF, 2017). Read more
AD168: Amid declining trust in IEC, Batswana skeptical of electronic voting but favour other reforms
As Botswana approaches 2019 elections that will determine President Ian Khama’s successor and challenge the half-century rule of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) a bill requiring the use of electronic voting machines has sparked increasing controversy... Read more
Majority rate government anti-corruption efforts as inadequate, fear retaliation if they report bribery. Read more
Malians’ access to legal system severely compromised by perceived bias, corruption, complexity. Read more
Round 7 summary of results (2017) for Uganda. Read more