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PP51: Taking stock: Citizen priorities and assessments three years into the SDGs
Unemployment tops the most important problems that Africans want their governments to address, followed by health, infrastructure/roads, water/sanitation, education, management of the economy, and poverty. Read more
La question de la sécurité est extrêmement prégnante au Gabon, et cela depuis longtemps. En effet, il ne se passe pas un seul jour sans que les populations ne se plaignent des actes d’insécurité liés aux larcins, aux braquages, aux assassinats et autres... Read more
Popular priorities in Madagascar: Winner of upcoming election has work cut out on crime, infrastructure, and food insecurity. Read more
Land redistribution in South Africa: Citizens prioritize land taken during forced removals, support ‘willing seller’ approach. Read more
Uganda’s legal system is in the spotlight following a recent surge in election-related violence, some involving high-profile members of Parliament. Read more
Afrobarometer Round 7: Survey in South Africa, 2018. Read more
L’Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations (2016) a estimé que le nombre d’émigrants togolais à travers le monde est entre 1,5 et 2 millions, soit environ le tiers de la population à l’intérieur du pays. Cette forte diaspora est également palpable... Read more
Au Burkina Faso, la peine de mort par fusillade est la première des peines afflictives et infamantes prévue par la loi. Read more
Does Ghana want a free press? Popular support for media freedom drops sharply. Read more
Healing and justice: Gambians expect the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission to heal the nation but want human-rights violators prosecuted. Read more