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« Malgré les améliorations, force est de reconnaître que des insuffisances majeures persistent relativement à: (i) la qualité des routes, (ii) la faible couverture du pays en route et (iii) la surcharge sur les routes ». Read more
O Cabo Verde destaca-se no continente Africano como um paradigma de tolerância e respeito pelos direitos humanos e liberdades fundamentais. Read more
In Cabo Verde, satisfaction with democracy drops along with approval of government’s economic performance. Read more
In Botswana, more women than men say it is easy to access basic public services. Both women and men say they are generally treated with respect by public officials. Read more
In August 2017, as part of a broader reform agenda, Gambian President Adama Barrow launched a security sector reform (SSR) process to overhaul the country’s security institutions in line with democratic norms and practices. The reform initiative is... Read more
Embora as receitas fiscais sejam uma parte crítica do financiamento de serviços governamentais, muitos países em desenvolvimento enfrentam obstáculos na implementação de sistemas fiscais eficazes e eficientes (Tanzi & Zee, 2000). Read more
São Toméans support taxes but don’t trust tax officials. Read more
PP60: Change ahead: Experience and awareness of climate change in Africa
Biggest survey ever on climate change in Africa finds worsening quality of life, deteriorating conditions for agricultural production, limited “climate change literacy” among average citizens. Read more
AD315: Le Niger sur les ondes: La radio, première source d’information
Avec 84% de sa population vivant en zone rurale, dont la plupart a du mal à avoir accès à l’électricité, le Niger montre la domination continue de la radio comme source d’information de sa population, révèle la dernière enquête Afrobarometer. Read more
A corrupção impede o desenvolvimento económico, político e social da África. É um grande obstáculo para o crescimento económico, uma boa governação e liberdades básicas, tais como a liberdade de expressão e o direito dos cidadãos de exigirem que os... Read more