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PP51: Taking stock: Citizen priorities and assessments three years into the SDGs
Unemployment tops the most important problems that Africans want their governments to address, followed by health, infrastructure/roads, water/sanitation, education, management of the economy, and poverty. Read more
AD233: La santé, un service de base difficilement accessible aux Ivoiriens économiquement faibles
La santé en Côte d’Ivoire: Service de base difficilement accessible aux citoyens ruraux ou économiquement faibles. Read more
Threat to cocoa: Only half of Ivoirians are aware of climate change. Read more
AD218: Water is a major worry for Ivoirians
La raréfaction de l’eau affecte plus de 40% de la population mondiale (PNUD), une proportion inquiétante qui risque de s’aggraver en raison de la consommation toujours croissante de l’eau et les changements climatiques. Ainsi, l’épuisement des ressources... Read more
Does proportional representation encourage citizen protests? Evidence from Africa. Read more
Why do so many crime victims in Africa not report to the police? It’s less about trust and more about access. Read more
WP179: Electricity provision and tax mobilization in Africa
How reliable electricity in Africa could jump-start tax compliance – and pay for itself. Read more
Checks on presidential power: African citizens see important roles for voters, Parliament, courts, media Read more
How football can build national unity and reduce interethnic conflict in Africa. Read more
Malgré du progrès, les Ivoiriens révèlent un sentiment d’insécurité mêlé d’un défaut de confiance. Read more