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Les sources d’information, au fil des années, ont évolué technologiquement et se sont diversifiées. Read more
Climate change is making life worse, according to Liberians who have heard of it – but only about half of citizens have heard of it. Read more
In Mauritius, not bad may not be good enough: With elections a year away, citizens are increasingly critical of government performance. Read more
Migration in decline? Gambians see sharp drop in emigration, though interest in leaving remains high. Read more
La securité au Burkina Faso: Inquiets de l’extrémisme violent, les citoyens semblent prêts à sacrifier un peu de leurs libertés. Read more
Little-known climate change: Amidst drought, only half of Batswana are aware of climate change. Read more
In fight against corruption, Gambians say citizens can make a difference, report without fear, and get official action. Read more
For democracy to be “lived” by ordinary citizens, their ability to engage with others and the state must be protected. Read more
Poverty and inequality, exacerbated by poor economic growth, continue to be challenges for the government of the Kingdom of eSwatini. Read more
Le secteur agricole est l’un des principaux moteurs de l’économie camerounaise. En 2012, ce secteur a contribué à hauteur de 21,1% au produit intérieur brut (PIB). Employant 60% de la population active, il assure un rôle essentiel dans la création des... Read more