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Botswana has been known for its tolerance of freedom of speech and independence of the media. Tswana traditional society was based on freedom of speech where individuals could state their views without fear. This freedom of speech, which was coincident... Read more
This brief addresses the state of the Parliament in Tanzania. In particular, we ask how Tanzanians themselves prioritize the various responsibilities of an MP. And we explore how well their MPs are doing at fulfilling these diverse roles. Read more
In 1999 Zamfara became the first state to institute Shari’a law and soon afterwards eleven other northern states followed suit. The literature on Shari’a has been mixed in the assessment of its impact (Last 2000; Miles 2000, 2003; Marshall 2002, 2005;... Read more
L'économie du Bénin est en progrès constant, spécialement ces dernières années. Le taux de croissance du PIB est passé en 2006, de 3.6% à 4.6% en 2007 et les prévisions sont à la hauteur de 5.5% pour 2008. Cette tendance traduit bien la vision du... Read more
En ce qui concerne le Bénin, depuis son adhésion à la démocratie en 1990, il est demeuré selon les rapports des institutions internationales des droits de l’homme, un traditionnel bon élève. Le succès de la série des élections nationales (présidentielle... Read more
La présente contribution vise à analyser l’évolution des perceptions des citoyens face à la corruption. On mettra en évidence l’évolution observée au niveau de l’incidence de la corruption. En particulier, grâce à la base de données Afrobaromètre round 4... Read more
The East African Community was originally comprised of three countries: Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. These three states have a history of cooperation dating back to the early 20th century, including the Customs Union between Kenya and Uganda in 1917,... Read more
Nigeria is a federation of thirty-six States and the Federal Capital Territory. The federation consists of 774 local government areas. Local governments are intended to serve as the lowest tier of governance that will be most responsive to the needs of... Read more
Ghana embarked on a comprehensive program of local government decentralization in the late 1980s. The program launched by the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) represents the most comprehensive effort at decentralization in the country’s post-... Read more
Ghana embarked on a transition to democratic rule in the early 1990s after eleven years of quasi-military dictatorship under Ft. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings and the Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC). Since then, Ghana has experienced four... Read more